USB Lost and Found

USB Lost and Found 1.9

Tool to setup your lost USB Device to convince the finder to return your device
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Skyler Lyon

Having lost USB drives containing valuable data ourselves, we have been inspired to develop USB Lost and Found. The USB Lost and Found is a tool to setup your USB Device to convince the finder to return your device. USB Lost and Found has two methods of telling unauthorized users to return it. The first method is the Message method which when the user tries to use your USB Device it comes up with a message box that tells them to return the device, along with your information.

The second method, which only comes with the Pro version, is called Lock Down. When the user inserts the device and tries to view the files, Lock Down autoruns and locks the user's computer, covering the whole screen and denying access. This is so that unauthorized users can not access your USB device, when your device is in their computer. USB Lost and Found can be used with the following devices: Thumb drives, External Hard drives, Internal Hard drives, Flash drives, SD drives, USB Phones, USB Cameras, iPods, MP3 devices, PSPs, CDs, CDRWs, DVDs, and DVDRWs.

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